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a family of learned astrologers who have been for generations famed across the world for their prowess in Astrology.


This family has been for centuries well-versed in the area of Astrology and amazing predictions.

The Pazhoor Padippura is a family of scholars who have taken the popular practices of Astrology to greater heights of excellence. Hailing from a small village called Pazhoor in the District of Ernakulam in Kerala, this family has been for centuries well-versed in the area of Astrology and amazing predictions.

The Pazhoor astrologers reside in a traditional Kerala-style home and the name Padippura refers to the room constructed along with the gate that serves as the entrance to the home. As per the traditional Kerala architecture, homes had these kind of Padippuras that comrpise of two or three small rooms which served a lot of purposes. Unknown visitors to the home were welcome there. Also, these Padippuras served as avenues of accommodation for travelers who sought after shelter during nights.

Anyhow, Pazhoor Padippura has a larger role to play. It is widely believed that the predictions made by the eldest member of this family when sitting here will indeed come true and be precise. Thus, the Pazhoor Padippura is today acclaimed as the abode of accurate predictions and this has made the family the most authoritative in the field of Astrology.

A story that has inspired many generations!

Kerala is a land of fascinating myths, legends and beliefs. Delving deep in to the socio-cultural and historic substances of the God's Own Country, you would come across a horde of surprising tales and incredible fables that are in a big way linked to the routine lifestyles of the people. The legend of Pazhoor Padippura is no different.

There are many fables related to the history of Pazhoor Padippura. All these tales have a certain degree of relevance and importance at various levels. However, these fables have one name – that of Thalakkulathoor Bhattathiri – at the centre. A contemporary of the legendary Vilwamangalathu Swamiyar who is believed to have seen Lord Krishna, Thalakkulathoor Bhattathiri was a great and renowned astrologer who had won fame for the incredible accuracy in his predictions. Apart from having an affluent knowledge in Astrology, he possessed certain virtues that differentiated him from the astrologers of his time -logical reasoning, ability to go deep in to minute details, research to name a few.

Shortly before his death, the Bhattathiri demanded that his body was not to be cremated, but burried in the Padippura where he resided. He further said that his soul will remain there forever and all the predictions that his coming generations would make by sitting there will be accurate. Even today, it is widely believed that the Bhattathiri’s soul is still present there and that the predictions made inside that Padippura by the family members will be precise.

It is the legacy and tradition of the great Bhattathiri that Pazhoor Padippura inherits. The astrologers who belonged to this tradition have all been stalwarts in the field and their predictions are considered as the ultimate by followers from across the world. The inheritance continues in this generation too with P.S. Surendran Jolsyar, who has mastered the art and science of Astrology.

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